Online Information Conference Planning 2010

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Thanks for contributing to the meeting on Friday, I have added notes from the meeting to this wiki.

I think the main challenge we face is ensuring we provide a programme that meets the demands of our traditional information professional audience who are our bread and butter delegates, as well as ensuring we have content to appeal to our newer audience whose job function may include an element of information management.

Whilst adding your ideas and comments to the 'conference themes', 'keynotes' and 'speakers' pages please bear in mind our objectives for this year which you can read below. When adding your comments to any of the pages please can you add your initals next to any additions/changes - thanks.

Im also keen to establish what makes this year's conference different from 2009; how have the themes evolved?

Last year we gave the semantic web and social web equal footing/exposure. How are these two elements coming together (are they?), will they merge? As social networking is linking users across the web, users are also expecting information to be linked across organisational boundaries and information professionals need to get involved.

What will the knowledge and information landscape look like (at the end of 2010)?

Once we have finalised the conference themes then it should be clearer to see how the programme has moved on.

Please can everyone have made their changes to the 'conference themes' pages by Monday 1st March.

I will then merge our current list of themes with ideas from the Expert Advisory Committee and ask for final comments. The list will then be refined ready for the Call for Speakers which will go live Monday 22 March until Monday 3 May (when the site shuts).

Our next Committee meeting will be held on Wednesday June 9th, 11.00-14.00, here at Incisive Media.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks again everyone,

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First Committee Meeting - 05.02.2010

Conference themes/Ideas 2010

Conference themes 2010 - FINAL LIST FOR CALL FOR SPEAKERS

Keynote speaker ideas

Speaker ideas


- Lots of content for Information Professionals who make up over 50% of the audience (Librarians, Knowledge Managers, Researchers); 21% have an IT job function.
There has been a jump in the number of delegates attending from a more general job function (which may incorporate an element of information management), which means we can broaden out the scope of the programme but must not forget our core Information Professional audience and ensure there is plenty of content for them

- Lots of content for government/educational institutions (make up nearly 50% of the audience)

- Include speakers/organisations from Nordic countries and The Netherlands

- Try different formats esp. for case studies, need to try and include more on what went wrong and work backwards to unpack the story. Using examples from other industries and applying to information professionals

- Story telling/narrative techniques (Paul Corney will be good for this)

- Social reporting at the event

- Edgy themes balanced against more traditional info pro subjects

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