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Tomas Vander Wal (HH)
Designing social tools for better adoption in the enterprise
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Gordon Vala-Webb of PWC based in Toronto via HH. He has some really interesting ideas about social media and KM themes.

PwC Canada is a large, complex, professional services firm. It has 5,200 people in 23 locations across 5 time zones who are organized into four different lines of service. It has an award-winning internally-facing portal that provides access to organized knowledge, connects staff to applications and delivers leadership communications.

But that's not enough. PwC's clients expect that the PwC staff and partners they work with will bring with them the best - and latest - thinking from the entire firm to bear on the client's issues and questions. Connecting people with people across the firm is the answer. Up until now firms such as PwC have used meetings and lots of email. But those approaches simply cannot provide enough connections with enough people with enough efficiency. Or, as Bill French said: "Email is where knowledge goes to die".

The presentation would consist of a case study of PwC Canada's development of its social media approach using a framework provided by Thomas Vander Wal that distinguishes between (team) collaboration, community (groups), and the collective. The case study covers why to, and how to, develop three key "comforts": (1) user "social comfort"; (2) user comfort. with the tool(s); and (3) business leadership comfort - that the risks are managed approximately and that value has been generated. The presentation provides practical suggestions to enhance social media use for collaborative work purposes in organisations

Tom Steinberg, MySociety - eGovernment (HH)

New roles. Stephen Philips Morgan Stanley "The last librarian in a bank" or some such cheeky title! (gwenda)

New roles. Sarah Fahy Allen and Overy "Keeping control: Positive outsourcing of information services "(gwenda)

Dennie Heye Obnoxious Librarian (gwenda)

ERM's Intranet - was included in the best 10 Intranets 2009 (http://www.erm.com/News-Events/News/ERMs-Knowledge-Sharing-Platform-recognized-as-one-of-the-worlds-top-10-best-intranets-/) I attended a session run by UKeiG last week where Dr Bonnie Cheuk,
Global Head of Knowledge and Information talked us through its features. Seamless integration and use of blogs, wikis, discussion areas etc. Also a fake tweet facility! Impressive demo of how to manage and run and intranet on Sharepoint (Karen Blakeman)

British Library's BIPC use of social media to market their services and drive traffic to their web site. Jeremy O'Hare/Neil Infield [Karen Blakeman]

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